niedziela, 11 września 2016

Medical Marijuana

I would like to address you with an important question. Shall we include Medical Marijuana issue inside of the text of our Convention?

We have there variety of Harm Reduction programs. Programs that in some cases would be impossible from effectively implement without decriminalization/depenelisation of possession for personal use.

But shall we also address painful issue of medical marijuana? Shall we guarantee rights to this unconventional medicine for patients that are lacking it desperately? Is not medical marijuana another form of reducing harms? Reducing pains?

There are no many occasions to amendment international laws and maybe in this one we are creating is a right also to take care of marijuana patients?

If so, in what form we shall express our support? How the medical marijuana point shall be encoded in our Convention? Please think little bit on this issue and make your proposal before November 2016.

We are waiting for your comments. Please distribute this letter widely to all interested parties.

sobota, 10 września 2016

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