The Charter

We are presenting first draft of Harm Reduction Charter please distribute it widely and send us your comments and amendments.
The Harm Reduction Charter

  1. The European Parliament have in the account following facts:
    a) criminalization of drug users has proven to be ineffective and counter productive answer to the drug problem
    b) criminalization of drug users is leading them to further marginalization and social exclusion
    c) Harm Reduction is proven to be useful strategy in tackling many of drugs problems
    d) Harm Reduction measures are effectively reducing transmission of HIV/AIDS and other blood bonded diseases
    e) substitution programs and experimental schemes of drugs distribution are:
      aa) helping to stabilize lives and are leading drug users toward social inclusion
      bb) limiting founding of criminal and terrorist organizations
      cc) reducing crimes that are commit to obtain money for illicit drugs
f) drug consumption rooms that are existing in some Member States are limiting health risks of illicit drug use
g) alarming rise of new synthetic substances and the need to effectively handle their use through testing purity of drugs
h) inadequate access to Harm Reduction programs in some of the Member States, mostly in the Central and Eastern Europe
i) need to further expand accessibility and variety of Harm Reduction measures
j) some of the Harm Reduction measures requires depenelization or decriminalization of possession of illicit drugs for personal use
  1. The European Parliament is recommending following:
    a) establishment of Harm Reduction, as primary and leading strategy in all of the Member States
    b) create special budget line for Harm Reduction programs and support of further debate on drug policies
    c) guarantee equal and broad access to all Harm Reduction measures including but not limiting to:
      aa) needle and synergies exchange
      bb) substitution therapy
      cc) testing purity of drugs
      dd) consumption rooms
      ee) experimental drug distribution schemes
    d) stop punishing recreational and problematic drug users for possession of illicit drugs for personal use
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