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Our Mission

Our mission is to create the Harm Reduction Charter that will be for drug users like the Human Rights Charter for the common people. It will guarantee all drug users equal access to various Harm Reduction programs. It will also guarantee that non-one is punished or criminalized for simple possession of illicit drugs for personal use.

We are informal group of organizations and individuals working for Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Reform in Europe and beyond. Our goal is not to setup a new organization. We will work, as informal umbrella group to introduce the Harm Reduction Charter.

In our work we will focus first on the European continent to later introduce the Harm Reduction Charter to the United Nations. We will work with various governmental institutions and governments itself to enact the Harm Reduction Charter in their national and international legislations.

The Harm Reduction Charter is not a unified drug policy. Instead is a set of recommendations established to harmonize national and international drug policies in the countries all over the world.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce Harm Reduction Charter, as new International Convention on Drugs but we will first focus on the work with the Council of Europe, European Parliament and European Commission.

If You have any questions regarding the project or want to support it please contact us directly.

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